Mental Health Research

As I sit here trying to
write my blog, every eye condition I can think of is overshadowed by the
horrific event that happened on Friday.

I try to turn off the news, but it is everywhere. I hear the debate on gun
control….. Gun control, what a great idea, let’s look at this logically. If
we make guns illegal, will they go away?  Does making something illegal
make it go away or does it just make us feel good? Did probation make alcohol
go away? Did making abortion illegal make it go away? Do illegal drugs not
exist? Is it not illegal to go more than 25 mph on Pine Hollow Road, yet,
nobody goes that slow unless there’s a patrol car in sight?

Then I ask myself, “How could anybody in their right mind do something like
this?”. BINGO! NOBODY in their right mind would do something like this.
Mental health control, that’s what we need.  Let’s take all the money
spent on gun control, whether for or against, and put it towards mental health
research. If we could find out how these mass murders are wired differently
than the rest of us, maybe we could put a dent on stopping them.  And, as
a doctor, I truly believe they ARE wired differently and we CAN figure out how,
if we only try.
We get our teeth checked
every six months, we get an eye exam every couple of years, why not a mental
health check-up? Let’s make it a priority to find out how the mind of
a mass murderer is different from the norm, and maybe we could also find a
difference in the brains of a child molester and a rapist, while we’re at it.


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