Eye Mistakes You May be Making


  1. You don’t get Annual Eye Exams. Not just a cursory eyesight check, but a comprehensive eye exam especially for those over 40
  2. You ignore irritated eyes. There are many reasons for irritated eyes besides just being sleepy, including: dry eye, pink eye, allergies, blephartis, corneal ulcers, lashes that grow in the wrong direction
  3. You don’t get eye injuries checked out. Most common minor eye injuries will heal quickly on its own, but if you experience more severe symptoms such as: eye pain, sensitivity to light, deep ache in eye & eye brow region, blurred, double or distorted vision, muscle spasms around the eye, the feeling of something in the eye & can’t be removed, irregular shaped pupils, increased tears, burning sensation in the eye, headache, can’t keep eyes open, swelling eyelids, blood in and around the eye – any of these or other symptoms you should seek emergency treatment.
  4. You don’t wear sunglasses – Just like your skin, your eyes need UV protection.
  5. You rub your eyes.  If you rub your eyes too often or too hard, you can cause damage in a number of ways.
  6. You spend too much time on screens – Abide by the 20-20-20 rule.
  7. You skip contact lens care. Poor contact hygiene can cause eye infections to loss of vision.
  8. You shower wearing your contacts. Tap water can be full of organisms that can harm your eyes. Contact lenses absorb water like sponge. Water can also cause soft lenses to swell and change shape.
  9. You leave your make-up on. Leftover particles of mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow can fall into your eyes and can lead to infection.
  10. You don’t wear safety glasses. Why??? Would anyone not want to protect their eyes from injury? Yet every year there are 270,000 avoidable eye injuries.
  11. You don’t know your family history -Genes have a say in how well we see.
  12. You don’t wear your glasses. Glasses or contacts help your eyes work better.
  13. You smoke – smoking can damage eyesight by age thirty five






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