For a Good Night Sleep, Take Melatonin, Earplugs and Eye Mask

From shots heath news from NPR

Researchers in China found that eye masks, earplugs and
melatonin all helped a person get a good night sleep. But melatonin helped the
Researchers tested patients in an intensive care unit with
no sleep aids, and then tested the same patients but with the eye masks and
earplugs. The volunteers were given their choice of eye masks and earplugs and
hit the hay. They fell asleep faster, were less likely to wake up, and arose
saying they slept better and were less anxious.
Sounds like a win. But many people didn’t like the earplugs,
saying they were uncomfortable or claustrophobic. And the earplugs didn’t do
enough to muffle sounds.
Now for the melatonin; the volunteers took 1 mg at bedtime
and said that did the best job of improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety.
They also woke up less often during the night. And the melatonin level in their
blood was much higher than while wearing eye masks or earplugs.   
The researchers also tested a placebo pill, but it improved
sleep only slightly. The study was published Thursday in the journal Critical
And melatonin isn’t risk free. It isn’t recommended for
people with high blood pressure or depression. And it can increase immune
function, which can be problematic for people with autoimmune diseases or

Still, this may help many people have a better night sleep.
Sweet dreams!


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