Glaucoma Quiz #3 :

1) Most people inherit
glaucoma, but you can also get glaucoma from:
A) An eye injury
After eye surgery
C) Long term use of steroids
D) All of the above
ANSWER: D All of the
2) Only
otolaryngologists can treat glaucoma.
A) True
B) False
ANSWER: B False.
Otolaryngologists treat the ear, nose and throat.  Both optometrists and
ophthalmologists can treat glaucoma.
3) Which is false about
    A) Finding
and treating glaucoma early is important to prevent blindness.
Repeating tests yearly helps track both glaucoma and glaucoma suspects.
Traveling on a cruise ship can worsen glaucoma.
    D) Glaucoma
causes permanent damage to the optic nerve.
Answer C. Traveling on a
cruise ship might make you sick, but it won’t worsen glaucoma.


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