Google Glass Goes Mainstream:

Almost everyone has heard of Google Glass, and some people
have heard of VSP, VSP is an optical health insurance provider.
They have struck a deal to offer subsidized frames and
prescription lenses for Google Glass, thus making them more mainstream by
making them more affordable and giving them a medical stamp of approval. And it
opens the door to a new level of cooperation between the health care and
consumer electronics industries, which could lead to a world in which people
wear computers.
“Selling wearable consumer electronics one-on-one to
individual consumers is kind of a tough business,” Mr. Gownder said. “By
embedding them into the health care system, you can reach a mass market.”  
J.P. Gownder is an analyst studying wearable devices at
Wearable devices have posed a challenge to technology
companies because they involve understanding fashion and health, not just
software and screens.
At eyegotcha, we have viewed the online video and training
program for optometrists and opticians to learn how to mount the Glass device
on frames and fit Glass on people’s faces. We passed the test and will receive
a Glass Preferred Provider logo on our Find a Doctor directory listing.
 This is how Glass
Explorers will locate VSP providers to order their prescription lenses for

Wow, beam me up Scotty, especially since my insurance is
paying for part of it!


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