Here are some common sense tips on how to have the best vision possible as you age.

It is a well-known fact that there are a significant number
of people that fear either going blind, or experiencing subpar vision in their
golden years, probably because either they watched someone in their family, or
a close family friend, lose their vision as they aged.
It is a fact, that the eyes are one of the fastest aging
organs in the body. In addition, how they age does depend in part on hereditary
factors. However, whether you picked healthy parents or not, it is also wise to
keep your overall health at its best.
Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of
exercise and smoking can all speed the aging process of the eyes and other
Not having medical insurance does not help, but it IS NOT an
excuse for not taking care of yourself; in fact, it should be more of an incentive
to do so.
I know we have all heard this before, but it needs to be
said again.
1) Don’t smoke
2) Drink in moderation
3) Eat small portions of a relatively healthy diet (if you
have to, Google “healthy diet”)
4) Repeat over and over again:  “MOVE MORE, EAT LESS”
It is not rocket science, if you are not sure if something
is good for you or not, only have a little, then move more and eat less. Go up
& down the steps instead of to the refrigerator. Park your car further
away.If you are feeling ambitious, you could schedule a Bio-screening at OVGH.
It only costs $30 for about 25 tests. You can call 412.777-6161 between 7am and
3pm, to schedule an appointment. (Again, Google OVGH Bio-screening)
One of the best ways to track the health of the most
important part of the eye, the retina, is to have periodic Optomaps taken. A
thorough view of the retina is critical to verify that the eye is healthy. This
can lead to early detection of common diseases such as diabetes, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, macular degeneration and sometimes-even cancer. The
test is quick and painless, even to your wallet, a wellness screening is
usually under $40, and (how much do you pay for cable a month?) 


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