To supplement or not to supplement…that is the question…

week, ABC World News reported ( along with everyone else) that “The
American Heart Association has long said that eating oily fish is good for your
heart, so millions of people take fish oil supplements hoping for the benefit
and, in fact, doctors often recommend the supplements for people who already
have heart disease. But a big study out tonight says those pills are not doing
what they thought.”
now, it may no longer seem clear that taking a daily multivitamin or mineral
supplement is beneficial to your health. The study does not prove that
supplements are harmful; they just concluded that there is no evidence for the
health benefits of supplementation.
are some facts about nutrition: (J. Anderson and Roach) 5/2010
Healthy people can obtain all the vitamins and minerals they need from eating a
variety of foods.
Taking supplements does not guarantee protection from disease.
Large doses of single nutrient supplements or high potency vitamin-mineral
combinations may be harmful.
Vitamin deficiency is rare unless a person’s diet is limited and lacks variety.
Do not take self-prescribed single nutrient supplements without first
consulting a physician or registered dietitian.
replaces the nutrients found in foods. Supplements are just that – dietary
supplements, not food substitutes. Research on the nutritional benefits of
foods and supplements continues. So in the meantime, eat a variety of fresh
fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean proteins. If
you have a deficiency, see a doctor or dietitian.
remember, in general, move more, eat less! (See last week’s blog). 


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