January Awareness Quiz Final Week

This is the last of the
series of quizzes on glaucoma in appreciation of January being Glaucoma
Awareness Month; I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Please don’t
hesitate to offer suggestions for future blog subjects!


1) Glaucoma:

  A) Better known
as “lazy eye”, usually requires patching of the better seeing eye.
  B) Is an
inflammation of the eyelids that can cause chronic eye irritation,
tearing, foreign body sensation
  and crusty debris.
  C) Causes a
sensation of looking through shattered glass.
  D) Causes
the loss of the peripheral (side) vision first.

ANSWER D. But by the
time a person is able to notice, damage has been done to the optic nerve.
2) Glaucoma: 

   A) Is almost always fatal.
   B) Is only
fatal to Flyers fans.
   C) Almost
always affects both eyes.
   D) Has no

ANSWER C) Unilateral (one eye) glaucoma usually only occurs if the eye has been
3) Treatments for glaucoma:

  A) Can include eye drops and/or surgery.
  B) May save
remaining vision, but they do not improve vision already lost.
  C) Usually lower
the pressure inside the eye.
  D) All of the
ANSWER D. All of the
above are correct.
4) New surgical
procedures can restore almost 30% of lost vision.
A) True
B) False
ANSWER B) False. Once
the nerve is damaged, today, there is no way to repair it.
5) What part of the eye
is affected by glaucoma?
Optic nerve
B) Eyelids
C) Iris
D) Cornea
ANSWER A. The damage to
the optic nerve is what causes the vision loss.


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