More Efficient Lighting for the Human Visual System
A report from Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences talks about light flicker, as you probably noticed, light bulbs and
most other light emitting devices flicker.
When the flicker rate is slow, the flicker is noticeable and
makes your eyes uncomfortable. When the flicker rate is fast, it is easier on
the eyes.
Vision researchers at Barrow Neurological institute in
Phoenix have discovered a flicker rate “sweet spot” that optimizes
the perceived brightness of light by the human visual system – without
increasing the power required to generate the light.
The researchers concluded that if we optimized every light
emitting device ( light bulbs, computer screens, TVs, tablets, cell phones,
etc.) to work at peak efficiency for the human visual system, we could save
billions of dollars in electricity.
What a bright idea for saving energy costs!


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