The Eyes are Truly the Window to the Body

So you don’t wear
glasses, why get an eye exam? Eye exams are not just for people that
need glasses. An eye exam can detect problems even before you have
symptoms. Eye doctors can detect health problems, like diabetes, so
if it’s been more than a few years since your last exam, or if you’ve
never had one, it’s time to schedule one.

When you go for your exam, remember to bring your glasses, if you wear them and
a list of all your medications and supplements you are taking, also a list of
any medications you are allergic to.

You should also bring your vision issuance and medical insurance, if you have

An eye exam not only tests your vision, but also checks the health of your
eyes. A slit lamp is similar to a microscope and with this instrument; an eye doctor
can view not only the front of the eye in great detail, but also the back.

The back of the eye is the best place in the body to see blood vessels because
they are on the surface, anywhere else they are covered with skin and fat.

What can be seen in the ocular vessels, is usually also in the rest of the
body. In other words, if plaque is seen in the back of the eye, it is also
on the heart vessels.

An eye exam can reveal not only high cholesterol, but also diabetes, high blood
pressure, arthritis, and sometimes even brain tumors, among other things.

So you don’t wear glasses, but can you “see” why you should get an
eye exam?
The eyes are truly the window
to the body.


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