There IS an EYE in TEAM!

There is an eye in team,
the team of muscles that move our eyes, that is. The muscles that surround our
eyes help us to focus our vision so that we can “see straight”. This
takes eye muscle coordination and team strength. 
Each of our eyes has six
muscles attached to the outer part of our eye for movement, called the
extraocular muscles. They work as a team to aim both eyes at the object we are
looking at. Like all of our body’s muscles, they must be strong to work properly.
If there is a weakness in any of these muscles, they won’t coordinate or work
well together.
Muscle weakness can
cause double vision, words to run together when reading, or a type of blurred
vision called amblyopia (lazy eye).
If an eye weakness is severe,
the eye might turn in or out. This is called strabismus.

So give me a M-U-S-C-L-E,
What’s it spell? Muscle, if you think you may have a problem with yours,
schedule an eye exam!


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