There’s an app for that part two

Apps for working from home


Many of us are now working from home. Sometimes staying focused on work tasks can be difficult, especially when the employer is not really set up to have work at home employees. Conferring with employees and coworkers, keeping everyone on the same page while not in the same room or building is challenging at best.

Technology has made some of this easier to deal with, email and text messaging of course, but there are several new apps to help businesses over this hump and keep the team working together toward a mutual goal, which is keeping business running smoothly.

  1. Slack-Is a team messaging, real-time, cloud based app that is highly customizable, a rich set of tools and integrates with many other collaboration and office tools. You can create groups of channels and direct messages called sections slack is available for mobile, desktop and web.
  2. Microsoft teams-Provides features galore, highly customizable, tightly integrated with other Microsoft office apps. Provides all the functionality of Skype for business video conferencing. Plentiful integration options and it is included with office 365 business accounts.
  3. Zoom-Video conferencing, web conferencing, webinar and screen sharing app. It is available across many platforms: Windows, Mac, when Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry.
  4. Skype-Is a telecommunications app that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console and smartwatches.
  5. FaceTime-Is a proprietary video telephony product developed by Apple. FaceTime is supported on iOS devices and Mac that run Mac OSX 10.6.6 or later with a forward facing camera.
  6. Trello-Is a project management app use it to organize cards into lists, tasks, notes or projects.
  7. Time doctor-Is an employee time tracking software that helps you and your team be productive and to track each activity you’re working on during the day. Great for teams so that everyone is accountable and tracking where the time goes each day. It’s designed to track all activities in real time rather than guessing how much time you spent on each task.
  8. Rescue time-rescue time collects data about the apps and websites you use and then generate reports based on that information. Rescue time blocks social media, YouTube, news (and anything else) from taking over your attention.
  9. Dropbox-is a file hosting service that lets you back up photos and videos and access files stored on any of your computers and mobile devices from anywhere. Dropbox offers cloud storage, files synchronization, personal cloud and client software.
  10. Asana-A project management app that connects with tools you already using like slack, dropbox, adobe creative cloud and google Drive
  11. Toggl-A powerful productivity tool that allows you to manage tasks in real time, stay aware of workflows, create valuable time use reports.
  12. G Suite-is a sweet of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google cloud.





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