Wellness: It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

The definition of wellness is: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. It doesn’t say you have to run marathons, bench lift 300 lbs, or eat a perfect diet.

It is possible to achieve good physical and mental health with fairly little effort if you think long term, for a long time.

The little things do add up over time, good and bad. If you choose the “good” over the “bad” consistently, it will make a difference.

Start by believing that illness prevention is essential, and a positive, practical and science-based approach to lifestyle and self-care choices will improve your quality of life.

Improve your quality of life, don’t think of making it perfect, just think of making it better, better than whatever point you’re at now.

So, what ARE the little things? Things like:

1) Take the steps instead of the elevator/escalator.

2) Park the car further than you usually would.

3) Make your meal portions smaller

4) Walk around the house instead of opening the refrigerator door.

5) Check out “Happy Go Yoga” ( Happy-Go-Yoga adapts yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises to real life situations for immediate benefits, regardless of fitness level, yoga experience, age, or gender.)

6) Keep reading articles like this one, and Google it to find more.


Pick one life style change, and try it for awhile, then add another one, and before you know it, you’re better than you were last week, or the week before, and you’re going in the “good” direction, and above all KEEP IT SIMPLE, and you will be more likely to stick to it.


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