What is a Carotenoid?

are pigments that give things color. Carrots have a lot of Beta-carotenes, but
lutein and zeaxanthin are important Carotenoids for eyes because they are found
in our retinas. They help protect the retina from harmful UV rays and blue
light (emitted from most digital devices). Our bodies can’t make lutein and
zeaxanthin, so we need to get it from the foods we eat.
Zeaxanthin is
an orange-red pigment found in the center of the macula. Zeaxanthin gives
paprika, saffron, and goji berries their orange color. All colored peppers are
good for your eyes but orange peppers are the best for eye health because they
contain a lot of zeaxanthin.

Next time you
are having a tuna/chicken/turkey salad, make it in an orange pepper boat
instead of bread; your eyes will thank you!


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