Why Do My Contacts Make My Eyes Red?

It is a common complaint
of contact lens patients that towards the end of the day their eyes are red.
There are several
reasons why this can happen.
Generic solutions
contain many chemicals that can be irritating and accumulate in the contacts
over time; you should use the solution your eye care professional
Your contacts may also
be an older technology, so sometimes switching to a silicone-hydrogel
lens that lets more oxygen to your cornea can keep your eyes whiter and
healthier. Without a doubt the best contact lens is a daily lens, one that you
throw away every night.
There are many causes of
dry eyes, (which can make the eyes red) working on computers, and the furnace
kicking on is just two of the most common. Lubricating drops and in some cases,
Restasis, can help.
Wearing your contacts
too many hours in a day, or worse, sleeping in them, or extending their life
past what they should be worn, such as wearing a ‘two week” lens for a
month, can all cause the eyes to redden.
Obviously, more serious
conditions, such as viral infections can cause a red eye, if, the condition
persists, make sure you see your eye care professional.
In conclusion, there are
many causes of red eyes when wearing contacts, but just reducing the time you
wear your lenses usually helps, no matter what the cause.


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